Sunday, 22 December 2013

Geothermal and Energy Security

Regarding Jamaica's energy security, is geothermal the answer?

From CVM-TV (Skip to 16:34 into the video newscast):
An abnormal occurrence in a community just outside Discovery Bay, St Ann has prompted calls for the country’s geological authorities to investigate what has been described as strange substances resembling smoke at high temperature rising from the ground. For residents of Queenhythe, a community just outside Discovery Bay in St Ann something odd is happening. On the compound of an old great house they have been noticing smoke rising from underneath the surface and it’s not the burning of charcoal according to the people. More
In the follow-up on this story a National Environment and Planning Agency official explains the presents of a hot spring beneath the surface. Skip to 18:57 into the video newscast.

From The Gleaner:
The 12 sites originally identified as potential geothermal energy sources have been narrowed to six as the feasibility studies unfold. 
Geologist Krishna Vaswani and partners in the project announced in January, aim to produce electricity from heat trapped underground, for the first time in Jamaica. 
Construction of the 15mw geothermal plant has a "likely" start date of 2016, but the final timeline will be determined by the research, the geologist said. Work on the plant should start in a year and a half after the research is concluded, he indicated. 
"We've done quite a bit of feasibility studies," said Vaswani, but he declined to name the six sites. 
He told Wednesday Business that the sites hold "potential" reserves, and that establishing the "proven" levels would happen at a later date. More

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