Tuesday, 18 October 2011

JCF Marine Police: A Sick Joke!

Fisherfolks under siege according to this Jamaica Observer news article:

THE group of fishermen who huddled together on the Old Harbour Bay fishing beach in St Catherine last Tuesday helping a colleague haul his boat in after a day at sea, seemed less affected by the scorching midday sun than the recent rash of crimes there.
Expressions of alarm spread across the faces of those who stood listening to another's tale of the most recent robbery that took place in the fishing village.
"A pure robbery a gwaan inna the place. Just a few days ago dem rob a man boat engine and all now we nuh hear or see the authorities," said the fisherman, who identified himself as Winston Graham.
One of his colleagues at first expressed dismay at the news, but soon launched into a harsh verbal assault on the absent 'authorities', who he claimed were dragging their feet in tackling the surging crime problem in the fishing village. Read more.

And some interesting comments from the Old Harbour Police:

A major obstacle is that no marine police are stationed at the Old Harbour Police Station, despite the fact that it is a seaside town, known to be a hub for the guns-for-drugs trade.
Perry explained that Marine Police boats were at the Marine Police headquarters in Kingston and the local police find themselves unable to respond to reports of crimes at sea as quickly as they would like. The problem has been a subject of discussion for the police high command which have begun planning to establish a post in the area.
"Marine police have been holding discussions to address this problem, but the lack of a secure location where boats can be docked safely remains one of the problems hindering them from moving forward," Perry said.

Can you believe that? According to a much earlier Jamaica Observer news article, the Ministry of National Security in 2006 bought 40 boats for the Marine Police Division at a cost of $5 million USD ($325 million JMD); and here we are just 5 years later, with the Old Harbour Police saying there are discussions to address the problem of patrolling the Old Harbour Bay. Wow! When the Ministry of National Security decided to buy a new fleet of boats, they didn't take into consideration that new facilities would also be required for stationing the boats in areas where out stations didn't exist before? And also an increase in the operating budget for fuel and maintenance repairs etc? What kind of planning is this? Should the Marine Police and their boats camp on the beach like crabs and turtles? And where are all these 40 boats now? In a storage place, waiting for gas money?

It is pretty clear to me, that the Marine Police is nothing but a sick joke. This pdf document showing the KEY JCF FORMATIONS doesn't even mention the Marine Police. On the second page, second from bottom, the Chaplaincy Unit is regarded as a 'Key JCF Formation' but no Marine Police Division, is listed. WTF?

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